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Keep moving, Keep trying, you will make ...

I really love my apartment and I believe my friends and family love it too. It has this beautiful nature reserve feel with rabbits and peacocks constantly gracing us with their presence. Sounds great neh! But there is a slight problem; the network coverage at my place is horrible! When I first moved in I […]

The heartache of expectations…

I think India Arie rightly stated it when she uttered the words “…I am not my hair; I am not this skin; I am not your expectations no no…” As I was cooking and humming some melodies in my kitchen, I had one of those reflective moments about life. I thought about some of the […]

Role model…but why?

I was watching the national lottery show and a particular rapper, who recently rose to fame in South Africa was on. And of course he had that rapper swag thing going on wearing his sunglasses in studio. At the end of the show they asked him to say a message to encourage the youth as […]

I would rather stand out than fit in…

It’s so interesting that when we talk of peer pressure we often use it in the context of teenage hood. But I would like to argue that if you think peer pressure is a thing of the past, well think again my friend! The thing is, when we mature into adulthood peer pressure is a […]

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