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The appreciation effect…

Those who are close to me, can, in some way testify that I am a daddy’s girl to the core.  There are so many things I love about my father…he is a really great man. My dad is really funny and I think he is also the only person in this world who thinks I […]

Becoming a Steward…

A friend of mine recently borrowed me something of theirs, and you could swear I had gold or a precious ruby stone. I was so amazed at how I took care of it and I actually laughed at myself, and wondered why I don’t always handle things in my own life that way. I reflected […]

Interesting lessons from my travel diary...

My buddies and I recently viajou “travelled” to Mozambique to witness the marriage union of one of our dearest friend’s. The journey was so amazing that I had some really great moments of reflection based on the experiences I encountered. I thought it would be great to just express some of those amazing learnings below: […]

Put your own mask first!

If you fly as often as I do you can sometimes take the pre-flight safety briefing for granted. You often think to yourself, argh!  I have heard this thing so many times and somehow your mind subconsciously just locks out of listening. I was on a flight to Cape Town last week and I just […]

What’s your trademark?

I open with these words “while revolutionaries as individuals can be murdered, you cannot kill ideas”. Those cutting edge words were uttered by an African leader whom I was introduced to for the first time on Sunday night. I was shocked that never in my life have I come across this name. Is it that […]

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