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Poem – No one ever tells you…

No one ever tells you that the transitioning process from where you are to where you want to be can be so painful; so lonely sometimes and so confusing. No one ever tells you that there are days when you question why you took a leap of faith in the first place, when you experience […]

Vow to listen…

I was watching an interesting talk show and the guest that day happened to be Wole Sonyika. I think when we think of Africans who have elevated the status of our continent, Wole Sonyika’s name features amongst the great. Sonyika is a legendary Nigerian playwright and poet. He was awarded the 1986 Nobel Prize in […]

Who are you accountable to?

My sister and I really enjoy watching the crime channel. But trust me when I say we have no intentions of becoming criminals, we simply watch it out of fascination. We are fascinated that there are human beings who think like that. Some of the crimes are so well planned but what shocks us the […]

Even in the herd I want to be heard…

I was listening to this guy on the radio and he was talking about different parenting styles and he mentioned one that he considered most effective. He mentioned that most parents raise their kids like a herd, forgetting that each child is an individual with unique qualities. Sometimes parents solely focus on the academic side […]

Who is my customer?

Conventional wisdom tells us that one of the most important relationships, is the relationship between the supplier and demander. A well known speaker I was listening to reminded me of something I hadn’t heard in a while. He said “in order for something to be successful the supplier has to be at the mercy of […]

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