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Confident in a language not my own and t...

Something really interesting happened whilst we were having a family meeting. So I was sharing something in my language and my mum corrected me for pronouncing a word incorrectly. I was born and bred in the Province of Kwa-Zulu Natal in South Africa, which makes me a Zulu and my language is isiZulu. So in […]

Spontaneous, where art thou?

I was attending an event on Saturday and as anticipated the event was nothing short of transformational. There were lots of nuggets of wisdom that the speaker shared and I found myself constantly saying a quiet prayer to the Lord, thanking him for the opportunity to hear truth and liberating teachings. One of the things […]

The struggle of compromise

I was talking to my sister about our younger brother’s room. Besides it being a typical guy’s room with things all over the place, over the past weekend it had a very weird pungent odour. You could swear the smell was conjured up in some big pot with ingredients including stinky shoes; stinky socks; banana […]

Truly, one man’s meat is another man’s p

My parents are just really amusing in their own very different and unique ways. But I am particularly intrigued at my dad’s patterns as he ages gracefully. So one of the things we have come to notice is how much my dad loves sweet things. But he is particularly very fond of cakes. It’s so […]

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