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PenTheVision important updates!

Dear PenTheVision Friends Thank you for being a part of our journey. As PenTheVision, we would like to continue serving you with great articles. As part of our focus for 2018, we want to focus on two major things. Firstly, we would like to get your feedback in terms of how we can improve PenTheVision […]

Cheers to each day…

One of the most beautiful things about growth and maturity in adulthood is recognising how much of a gift life truly is. I’ve noticed that there is always oomph and positivity that surrounds the 1st of January every year. We generally love the prospects of a new year and we all receive it with great […]

Hello Amazing people!

Welcome to Pen the Vision Blog. I am so excited about launching this blog as it has been a burning desire in my heart for a while now. This blog seeks to impart interesting insights as this is my heart and mind “opened up”. I hope that when you read the posts you will increase […]

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