#Keepcalm, Purpose comes through movement! 

Imagine a world, where we are no longer ‘slaves to salaries’. A world where we did what truly nourished us and served others.

It’s seems like an impossibility, right? Well, we believe it’s possible, because you are possible!

#Keepcalm, Purpose comes through movement! 

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I write what I like…

I write what I like…

I have been looking forward to writing a purpose thought inspired by one of my favourite books, “I write what I...

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As content creators, we have a responsibility to give different generations a platform to express how they view the world. In this video essay we feature young people. Their responses give us insights that highlight that as people we are always “becoming”, inspired by the words of Michelle Obama.

There is no single story of how purpose should look like, but every one of us is welcomed at the purpose table.

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