#Keepcalm, Purpose comes through movement! 

Imagine a world, where we are no longer ‘slaves to salaries’. A world where we did what truly nourished us and served others.

It’s seems like an impossibility, right? Well, we believe it’s possible, because you are possible!

#Keepcalm, Purpose comes through movement! 

Check out our writings, video essays, community dialogues & products, as we encourage you to live the life that’s in you!

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Viewing purpose through the lens of the homeless…

As content creators we are able to see the world in full colour. In this video essay, we highlight that when we don’t create dialogue and space for people who are often marginalised, we run the risk of having a single story about them.

But when we create more spaces and platforms for all types of people, we become more compassionate, patient and adopt a willingness to appreciate a complete story about people. That is another shade of purpose!

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