I am Bongeka Mhlongo, native of the African soil and child of Jehovah the Almighty God.

Pen The Vision has been born out of a desire to create a public platform where people can easily access nuggets of every day wisdom.

What makes me and this blog unique? Well, in the words of Dave Grohl “No one is you and that is your power” In cementing this statement, this blog is special and unique because I seek to empower with wisdom those who will read and engage with the content. My desire is that wisdom will guide you daily and you will be confident to live out who you were created to be.

I am passionate about writing and some of my columns were featured in the 2016 September issue of Destiny Magazine; May/June 2017 issue of Essays of Africa magazine and December 2017 issue of Lady Rose Magazine.

I am currently working as a Change Management Specialist.

My other interests also lie in development issues (particularly strengthening human rights through sustainable agricultural practices and socio-economic transformation). I hope to pursue further studies in this and ultimately make a difference in this sector. I also co-facilitate an experiential leadership program for young women leaders in different communities annually. So far, we have run the program in Johannesburg South Africa and Swaziland.

I give Change Management talks to organisational teams. The talk I give focuses on the importance of Change in organizations and I also share some insights to encourage the teams to perform their duties optimally.

I want to be part of a generation of young leaders who will provide innovative solutions for eradicating and dealing with some of the major challenges that we face in South Africa, Africa and globally.

I believe that one day my name will go down in history for impacting the world positively. But for now, I am working hard behind the scenes too ensure that this dream comes true.