I was watching the repeat of the BET Awards recently and one of the award categories that really got my attention was the life time achievement award; awarded to Samuel L. Jackson. I’ve noticed a similar trend at these prestigious award ceremonies, i.e. when most of the awardees come on stage and they have to render a speech, they usually are quick to mention a lot of people who actually played an integral role in their success that most of us are not even aware of.

Samuel L. Jackson was no different, as he was giving thanks he mentioned the following roles; His Manager, Agent, Accountants, Publicist, Wife, Aunt and echoed that if it wasn’t for these people he would not be on that stage receiving a lifetime achievement award. This really got me thinking of this whole behind the scenes concept. The concept of behind the scenes simply means “being or working out of public view or in secret. It may also mean working without receiving credit or fame.”

I think individuals in the entertainment industry have a great deal of appreciation for the work that goes behind the scenes. We know that what we see on screen; be it our favourite movie; or TV series; or documentary, is only a fraction of what actually goes on to ensure that we enjoy what we watch.

This also triggered what my friend shared with me recently. He mentioned that he received this really amazing opportunity because one of his ex–colleagues referred him. I just thought to myself as he was narrating his story, ‘Bongeka just rest’. Don’t get me wrong, we still need to put in the effort and work hard but a lot of things are really beyond our control. I am led to believe that God is a master of ‘behind the scenes’. There are a lot of things that have happened in my life that I was not actively pursuing or going for and yet found out later that God was the puppet master, ensuring that I met with the right person at just the right time.

There is a peace we must live with of knowing we may not see it, but there are things unfolding behind the scenes. Find encouragement in knowing that somehow there are positive changes that will come into your life and in many instances you will not see it because your vision is limited to the physical, but know this; there is a powerful force behind the scenes.