A dear friend of mine recently landed back in South Africa after completing her doctoral studies at Pepperdine University in California. The last couple of months have been incredible because we shared a glorious space together. This space became both our home and our office. Our friendship dates back to our university days and I am so blessed at how it has blossomed over the years. She has been one of the people in my life who support my unconventional dreams and allows me to constantly evolve without judging me. Of recent, we have been collaborating and helping each other build our empires and we are excited about the great impact we going to make in the world.

One of the interesting things I have come to appreciate about her the most, are the things she says that are so unique to her and our conversations. I love her use of words in ordinary conversations because they really are ‘doctoral’ 🙂 and no one else says these things but her. Let me share a few examples below:

Me:“Friend I really hate a sink full of dirty dishes.”

Her:“Hmmm buddy, I think hate is a bit of a strong word”

Me: “Friend, should we watch 90 days to wed on DSTV or a documentary on Netflix?”

Her:“Oh, that’s a good question!”

Me:“Friend, I am hungry, and I need food.”

Her:“Hmmm great insights friendy.”

Me: “Friend, my whole heart smells like him, he is solid food.”

Her:“Those are very decent points.”

Me: “I am obsessed with Netflix…”

Her: “Hmmm ‘obsessed’, friend I think you using that word a bit too loosely…”

Me:“Friend, I’m tired”

Her:“hmmm…let’s unpack that a bit more”

Lol, very different from the normal way people respond right?! But this is precisely why I love her, she lives out her uniqueness.

Great friends are rare species and this piece salutes all those friends who allow you to evolve even when they don’t understand. This is to say, thank you for just loving and believing in me even when you don’t have language to make sense of it. Cheers to our unconventional friendship!

Image courtesy: https://www.india.com/buzz/friendship-day-messages-2015-11-funny-witty-quotes-to-wish-happy-friendship-day-to-your-best-friend-487284/