We have all heard the idiom “one rotten potato in bag can make the rest also rotten”; well this saying became a reality to me this past week. I was in the kitchen and there was a bad scent that I could smell coming from the food cupboard. When I checked, there were two rotten potatoes and those potatoes made the rest go bad. As I took them out and was cleaning the area, I starting reflecting on how in many ways, as human beings, we are affected by the “rotten-potatoes”, rather people we allow to enter our lives.

The reality is, who you hang around with is a reflection of your character and whether you like it or not this will affect your future. I think another idiom that best describes this is “Birds of a feather flock Together”.

This is an interesting and powerful metaphor for life. If there is one negative person amongst a group of friends, does it mean they are all negative? The answer is no, but be warned as the negativity can quickly spread. Don’t stay loyal to relationships that are not loyal to your progress…come out from amongst them!

My enjoy life tip is this – 2017 has just commenced and I know at the beginning of the year, we all have this great energy and we make a lot of resolutions. Can I plead and say, may the company you keep be amongst the things that you consider this year. Come out from people and environments that rob you of your peace and progress. Surround yourself with people who build you…choose wisely!