The past weekend was probably one of the best weekends of my life. My friends and I were together, in a beautiful upmarket apartment right in the heart of Houghton Estate, Johannesburg South Africa. The apartment embodied class and sophistication at its best.

We loved every minute of being there as we laughed, danced, cried, watched Netflix, ate, and prayed.

Every moment with my friends was refreshing. What stood out the most for me was the great spiritual connection we experienced on Sunday morning. It was so unplanned, so unexpected and yet so life changing.

The snippet of our conversation was about the journey of crossing over. Crossing over in “our” dictionary means, the journey that we take in becoming the best versions of who the Almighty God has called us to be.

This concept was highly influenced by the book and movie Eat Pray Love. The main character- Elizabeth Gilbert’s central theme was that of “attraversiamo”. This is an Italian word meaning “let’s cross over”.

As we engaged in deep thought provoking conversations with my friends, we reflected to say “attraversiamo” to us is a holistic journey of becoming better each day spiritually, emotionally, intellectually, physically, socially and financially. There is power in knowing that this is an individual journey of not comparing yourself to anyone. But the process of crossing over is flooded with obstacles.

I really love how Reverend Katie McKay Simpson puts it when she says, “our life is rather a series of daily “crossings”—crossing over from one thing to another, discerning individually and in community about where our next steps will take us” (

Our greatest realisation in our “daily crossings” was that, to successfully cross over you must be “clothed” with the right spiritual and mental tools because each day you will engage in an internal war. You will wrestle deep rooted unhelpful beliefs, you will wrestle your internal critics, you will wrestle unhealthy misconceptions about yourself and the list goes on.

But each day that you recognise these and surrender them at the feet of the Almighty God and just say “Lord, I trust you each day” the process of crossing over becomes smoother because you get to recognise that no matter what you face…Everything will be alright…all things will work out for your good…