Welcome to Pen the Vision Blog. I am so excited about launching this blog as it has been a burning desire in my heart for a while now. This blog seeks to impart interesting insights as this is my heart and mind “opened up”. I hope that when you read the posts you will increase in wisdom and learn lessons that will help you enjoy and live life to the fullest.

Just a quick navigation- The home page is the crux of the blog! This is where you will read all the interesting posts. The About me page will tell you a little bit more about the beautiful engine behind pen the vision. The Media page, well for now let’s just say – Watch this space and finally the most exciting part of this blog is the Contact me page as I will get an opportunity to connect with you!

Other features- On the right hand side, you will get a view of all the recent posts; recent comments; archived posts and easily search for articles under categories. What’s more? You can also follow and like the Pen-the-vision face book page.

As a start, I will be posting once every week and will progress to post regularly as the blog grows. Please subscribe to the blog so that you get a notification every time I post something.

Please spread the word by also getting as many people you know to subscribe. I really would love to get your views so I hope you will comment on the posts and on the comments of others. Comments will be moderated and we will review them and get them up as quickly as possible.

If you have any further questions or comments send me a message under the contact me tab.

Welcome again to this exciting Pen the Vision Blog. Look out for my first official post next week Wednesday!

I hope this is the beginning of an exciting journey!