As I was thinking about the next purpose thought, I came across a very interesting book titled “One” by Kathryn Otoshi. Though this book teaches young readers about colours and numbers, for me the real magic of the book, was the underlying message of the importance of diversity in making things work well.

I often think about how our natural default mode isn’t one of embracing diversity. When I talk diversity, I don’t mean it only in the context of race, gender, nationality etc. I think naturally we have an inclination to want to hang around people who look similar to us. For example, if I am at a social event with all black people. Chances are I will look out for ladies in my age category and hang with them as opposed to hanging with guys my age or elderly women. Of course, there is a cultural context to this as well which I won’t get into in this article.

How does all of this tie into purpose?

Well, I think one of the best ways we can make the world better is by adopting a co-existence model that begins to appreciate all types of “purposes”. We have been socialised to believe that the only “purposes” that matter are those of the rich and famous. However, a purpose co-existence model starts by reminding you the reader that your purpose matters too. There are many ordinary people out there who are making extraordinary contributions to humanity.

The world is a place of constant evolution and as a “purpose evangelist”, I would like to advocate that purpose is one of those few elements of the human story that can outlive and outlast any period in history. Of course, the delivery of one’s purpose will differ based on the historical period. For example, if your purpose is about “making teams work well together”. Doing that in 1971 will look very different than how you do it in 2021. You have to be open to adapt the delivery of your purpose to the historical period you find yourself in.

Purpose is a “front row cheerleader” of humanity because it always elevates us to a place of creativity, curiosity, beauty and absolute joy.

 So, this month’s purpose thought is- #AllPurposesMatter because the rainbow gets its beauty and glory from its different colours. The world is made beautiful by all purposes making it One great human story.

Pen The Vision | Bongeka Mhlongo | 2020June

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