We are living in interesting times where there is a growing trend of activism in the world.

What is activism? The google dictionary defines activism as: “the policy or action of using vigorous campaigning to bring about political or social change.”

In simple words, activism is about planned activity or activities that bring about social change. I love this simple definition, but I would like to argue further and state that I believe activism is multifaceted. Activism should not only be about challenging and changing those things that are external to us, but it should also be about confronting and changing the mechanics of our inner world. Activism within self is also important. Activities are what change the world. What activities are you committing to change the world inside you? 

I saw the below post on Instagram, and I just loved it:

At Pen The Vision, we are in the SOUL business. This is our calling. The products and services we give the world are new ideas, new perspectives and the language to challenge specific problematic beliefs systems about self. At the core of our soul work, we contribute to someone’s soul being free so that they can live out their purpose.

If we take the definition of activism, I always like to think of activism this way. I believe the most extraordinary form of activism and the greatest gift we can give humanity is committing to an inner journey of being more of ourselves.

At Pen The Vision, we would like to add these concluding remarks to the activism discourse. One of the noblest forms of activism is when individuals commit to purposeful living, enabling us to contribute to our world meaningfully from a place of our strengths.

Pen The Vision | Bongeka Mhlongo | 2021 July

 Instagram image from @the_yococo

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