On a regular weekday morning, the persistent chime of my alarm breaks the silence at 05:30 a.m. It’s the time I’ve dedicated to prayer and nourishing my inner world. However, on this particular day, a wave of fatigue washes over me, compelling me to linger in bed a little longer. I offer my morning greetings to God, adhering to my routine, but my eyes keep drifting back to the call of sleep, and my thoughts become muddled. In an introspective moment, I coax myself, “Come on, Bongs, wake up now.”

Summoning my will, I rise and stretch. Miraculously, a surge of alertness courses through me. With notebook and Bible in hand, I assume an upright posture. It’s as if this simple act of sitting up awakens not only my body but also my mind, dispelling the morning’s lethargy. Reflecting on this occurrence, a profound realization dawns upon me: “Posture matters.” The way we hold ourselves, both physically and mentally, can wield tremendous influence. Just as assuming the correct physical posture reaps benefits, there’s an analogous notion in the realm of purpose.

Unveiling the Power of Posture: Delving deeper into the concept of posture, I uncovered its dual nature. On one hand, it denotes the physical disposition we adopt while standing or sitting. On the other, it signifies a mental attitude or approach. As I pondered the interconnectedness of these interpretations, the revelation struck me: “Purpose has a posture.”

As someone continually captivated by the pursuit of purpose, I’m consistently amazed by how purpose unveils itself in novel ways. Following a span of contemplation, a profound understanding of “purpose has a posture” crystallized. The posture of purpose, I realized, is characterized by intentionality. One of my favorite definitions of intentionality encapsulates it as “an attitude of purposefulness, underscored by a commitment to deliberate action.”

Living with Intentionality: Aiming to make our purpose advocacy at Pen The Vision tangible and impactful, the essence of intentionality becomes our guiding principle. Intentionality reminds us that no action exists in isolation. When we consciously invest in self-improvement and the life we envision each day, we consciously choose to assume our purpose posture. These seemingly small, intentional actions aggregate, contributing to the fulfilling life we aspire to.

The Benefits of Purposeful Posture: Just as maintaining correct physical posture yields benefits such as reduced back pain, enhanced energy levels, and increased confidence, adopting the posture of purpose brings about its own array of advantages. Here are a few:

  1. Clarity and Direction: Embracing purpose as a posture provides us with a clearer sense of direction in our endeavors, guiding our decisions and actions toward our ultimate goals.
  2. Resilience: With purpose as our posture, we develop resilience to overcome obstacles and setbacks, as our commitment to intentional action propels us forward.
  3. Fulfillment: Adopting the posture of purpose infuses our lives with a deep sense of fulfillment, as each deliberate step aligns with our inner aspirations.
  4. Impact: Purposeful posture empowers us to make a meaningful impact on our surroundings, as our intentional actions ripple outward, influencing others positively.
  5. Self-Discovery: The deliberate posture of purpose encourages continuous self-discovery and growth, as we remain attuned to our evolving passions and desires.

In essence, just as sitting upright triggers a cascade of physical benefits, the posture of purpose sets off a transformative journey towards a more intentional, fulfilling life. Purpose, like a steadfast companion, stands tall beside us, guiding us through the intricacies of our aspirations. So, the next time the alarm chimes at 05:30 a.m., I’ll remember that purpose is not merely a destination but a posture—one that invites us to stand tall, embrace intentionality, and journey toward a life infused with meaning.


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