Our Offerings

1. We are contributors for any written content on the topic of purpose for print and digital publications.

2. We host bi-monthly community social dialogue events called “Bhoboka Sikhona” (meaning, fully express yourself, we are here to hold kind space). These community social dialogues events are meant to be safe spaces where we can foster a shared sense of community. We can make the world better by changing  conversations around particular social topics. 

The agenda for the Bhoboka Sikhona is set as follows:

  • Part A: Documentary, Video or Film screening.
  • Part B: Facilitated panel discussions based on what is screened that day.
  • Part C: Audience have their moments of fame at the end of the event, by sharing how they experienced it. 


3. We give talks around purpose, but add our unique angle to it (i.e. purpose comes through movement).