Video Essays

Our video essays profile various social groups in our society (e.g. taxi drivers, youngsters, civil servants, the street community and many others). We want to give voice to those who don’t often get a voice in mainstream media. We believe in telling people’s stories, in order to highlight that there is not one single story about purpose.


Eleven (11) Shades of Purpose

The human body has eleven (11) common elements. These eleven elements can be tied into a common human experience.

There is a PURPOSE for each common experience




As content creators, we have a responsibility to give different generations a platform to express how they view the world. In this video essay we feature young people. Their responses give us insights that highlight that as people we are always “becoming”, inspired by the words of Michelle Obama.

There is no single story of how purpose should look like, but every one of us is welcomed at the purpose table.

Viewing purpose through the lens of the homeless…

As content creators we are able to see the world in full colour. In this video essay, we highlight that when we don’t create dialogue and space for people who are often marginalised, we run the risk of having a single story about them.

But when we create more spaces and platforms for all types of people, we become more compassionate, patient and adopt a willingness to appreciate a complete story about people. That is another shade of purpose!

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