The title of Stephanie Powell Watts book “No one is coming to save us” captured my attention. I believe it grabbed my attention because it made me understand that as a humanity, we thrive on the concept of having a ‘saviour’. Whether that saviour comes through a spiritual redemption or a political revolution or economic and technological advancement, in our humanity we often acknowledge our limitations and the idea of having a saviour, gives us hope. A sense of hope is one of the greatest miracles of life.

One of the lessons I continue to learn is that, people who allow their purpose to emerge and live meaningful lives, apply a common principle, i.e. they know that nobody owes them a purpose! As a “purpose evangelist”, I believe that most of the things we need to help us live meaningful lives are already locked up inside of us. Of course, we need some ingenuity, labour and divine guidance to bring them forth and we do that by choosing each day to ask of life, “what is my purpose?”. Receiving the answer is only the first step towards fulfilling your purpose. The answer to that question will have many iterations throughout our lives, because we are always evolving to different versions of ourselves, and that’s the magic of our humanity.

This month’s purpose thought is- no one is coming to save us! and to be more specific, no one is coming to save you because salvation has already come. Inside of you there is purpose and the lifelong calling of our humanity is to pay attention to our lives and be deliberate about becoming that which we already are.

Pen The Vision | Bongeka Mhlongo | 2020 April