Purpose Class December 2020 (Audio)


The Purpose Class is a first of its kind. If you are intentional about living your purpose or contributing to humanity in some way, you need to get this class!

This class explores the link between purpose and thinkers. We unpack the following concepts:

  • Our favourite definition of a Thinker.
  • How we create thinking spaces.
  • The intersect between living a life of purpose and being a thinker.
  • What “UBUNTU”, our African Philosophy teaches us about purpose.
  • Encouraging people to be more curious by asking more questions.
  • Why exposing yourself to other thinkers is important.
  • Why Thinkers invest in a quiet time/space.
  • Access to our Thinking cards (a powerful and interactive tool, aimed at providing you with tips in your journey as a thinker).

The main message of this class is, everyone is welcomed at the Thinking Table!

Audio duration: 29:49 –  MP3

Here is a sneak peek of the video version


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