I am not a winter person period, I’m more of a summer babe and I am so happy that in South Africa we are approaching the final chapters of winter this year…But one thing I do love about winter is that it’s the only time I can wear my really short skirts and get away with it because of the thick stockings I wear them with.

Recently though I was wearing one of those very short skirts and was asked to go somewhere to speak. But I was actually uncomfortable. Now don’t get me wrong I was cool with the skirt the only point of “uncomfort” came when I realised I had to stand in front of people and it hit me!

Instead of people listening to me, they will be looking at my waist downwards and I realised I don’t want the message I had to share to be diluted by what I was wearing.

So unfortunately I lost out on an opportunity to share something and who knows maybe I would have said something to help somebody and who knows what opportunities would have opened up for me.

As I was reflecting, this thought came to my mind; most of us are not “dressed” appropriately for our destinies/purpose.

Can I ask you a question- Would you leave your house to go to an important meeting naked or wearing shabby clothes? Of course not!  Why? Because, it’s just not appropriate.

Many of us want to be the next great business man/woman; academic; media mogul; sports personality; preacher; writer; actor and whatever it is but we have not taken the time to “dress” ourselves with the right knowledge, skills, exposure so that when those opportunities come our way, we will be able to embrace them.

Most of us think we will just stumble into our purpose. We don’t write down what we need to do and actively go after what we want. We often wonder why we don’t achieve most of the things we desire.

My enjoy life tip is this- Dress appropriately through actively reading, seeking knowledge; getting the right experience or whatever else you believe will assist you. To be able to achieve anything you need focus and focus is a deliberate daily effort.