There are two things that really get on my nerves- A dripping tap and traffic!

A dripping tap just makes me think of the millions of people in the world without access to water and traffic on the other hand makes me want to pull my hair as I always feel like I am wasting precious time. I’m sure most of us can relate with the latter- right?

A couple of months ago I was stuck in traffic and I decided to change routes so that I can get to my destination in time. To my dismay the route I changed to was worse than the one I had been in. I ended up being stuck for about 2 hours. A week later as I was heading to a friend’s place, I found myself stuck in horrible traffic again. This time around though I decided let me be a bit patient and not change routes.

What a great decision this was! I was stalled for just about 5 minutes and after that the traffic began to flow smoothly. Turns out, there was truck that had broken down in the middle of the road and after I passed that truck I was home free.

I was so happy as I was driving on the open road that I began to draw a lesson from this. I ended up asking myself what would happen in life if we were just patient enough to see our dreams come true and not give up because of the “traffic”.

My enjoy life tip is this – Just because there is an obstacle in front of you, it does not mean give up! Maybe life is teaching you one of the greatest virtues and that is patience. And if you do find yourself in traffic any time soon, take time to enjoy yourself, put on some good music, talk yourself happy and enjoy life.