I was listening to this guy on the radio and he was talking about different parenting styles and he mentioned one that he considered most effective. He mentioned that most parents raise their kids like a herd, forgetting that each child is an individual with unique qualities. Sometimes parents solely focus on the academic side of a child forgetting that the child may not be strong academically but may possess so many other great attributes. They can place the child who is academically strong on a pedestal and constantly compare their other kids to this “faulty” standard. I just thought to myself, wow, that’s fascinating wisdom.

We have often been raised that if you don’t do well at school, there is something wrong with you as a child. The parents forget all the other amazing attributes that you have and forget that your intellect is only a certain percentage of your human make-up.

Unfortunately, this form of socialisation trickles down from generation to generation. It gets manifested in various environments. We meet leaders who often lead their team like a shepherd leading a herd. They have a particular way in which they like to work and if a team member compliments that style, that team member is considered to be excellent and trustworthy. If another team member is different they are considered rebellious. Sometimes leaders don’t get to the heart of the matter and try to understand that people are different and they bring with them unique working styles. No one wants to be just a number…we all want to be treated and celebrated as individuals.

I may be in the herd, but I really also want my voice; my own unique voice to be celebrated. There is nothing worse than being compared to those around you. When you compare me two horrible things happen. Firstly, I withdraw from my full potential and secondly all creativity is drained from me because of the lack of motivation.

My enjoy life tip is this: So, if you occupy a position where you seem to be the shepherd of the herd…please ensure that every voice is greatly celebrated.