The terrible news of the passing away of one of South Africa’s most loved gospel artist, Sipho Ncwane, has left my heart shattered. The passing away of this young man has left South Africa and the rest of Africa in great mourning.

Social media and mass media at large have been flooded with messages and pictures of condolences. The more I think about this loss, the more I am filled with so many questions. I ask but “why did we have to lose him so soon? Had he accomplished everything he wanted to do? Had he really lived with the Why of his existence being fully clarified and fulfilled?”

In my moment of reflection, I recalled an interesting catch-up I had with my mentor earlier on and he posed a very good question to me. I was going on and on about the plans for the next phase of my life and he says to me; “Bongeka, I hear you but Why are you doing all this; Why are you so passionate about taking this opportunity?”

He then narrated to me, that as he drove to work that morning he posed the same question to himself. He began to really wonder and ask why he is a General Manager. And why he would want to be Managing Director as that seemed like the next in line position to occupy. He asked himself if this was really what he wanted and if this was part of his purpose?

He gave me an interesting analogy; he said that each day when I chose to live clarifying the “why” of my existence, is like building a house. He mentioned that the foundation has been laid already, and that foundation is the many years of my formal and informal education; my professional and personal experiences and my walk with the Lord.

This next phase of my life is just laying bricks on another corner of the house. I could be right now in a season where I have laid the bricks half way, and the house is close to completion. Every day when I live with the understanding of the “why” and taking action towards fulfilling the “why” of my existence, I am closer to finishing that house.

I am glad to say the “why” of my existence has become clearer over the years as I have sought to live a purpose driven life. I am so at peace because, I understand “why” I am on this earth for. This feeling is both liberating and overwhelming. The latter ensures that I wake up every day knowing that I cannot afford to be idle because, I have an important part to play in my generation.

Sometimes we can be so busy just being busy but, not really understanding how every activity that we embark on plays a significant role in shaping the “why” of our existence. Have you clarified the why of your existence?