I am by no means trying to be cheesy by writing an article on love in the month of February. Thanks to mass media…we have been bombarded with red and white flowers, chocolates and all things romance. I am also enjoying reading insights on love in Gary Chapman’s book on the 5 Love languages for singles. This month I also witnessed the marriage union of one of my very close buddies.

Love is a beautiful thing… so much has been said and written about this topic for centuries and centuries and as the cliche goes…not only money but love also makes the world go round…

So pardon me, I am not even going to attempt to write a piece on love, what it is, its various types and all the amazing things we know about it.

I am actually writing this piece as a confession to myself…so you dear friend, will get a snippet as to what sometimes goes on in my very interesting heart. As I mentioned one of my buddies got married over the last week. I have been to numerous weddings in my lifetime and have watched them on TV countless times. But there was something about this wedding that awakened something in me that I didn’t even know was becoming dormant.

The depth of the love the couple had for each other not only shown in their words but there was a pureness, a light that was so evident in their eyes that for a moment it was like I was allowed to see the very depths of their spirits. It was real, it was unconditional, it was selfless and it was God-like. I don’t recall the exact moment…but during the course of the festivities I fell in love…a love that was always there but due to the stress of my current journey was seemingly decreasing. A love that once liberated me from the shackles of my past, a love that I knew was birth before the very foundations of this world…I actually fell in love with Bongeka again…

I realized that the world over embraces the notion of being in a romantic relationship but my “aha” moment was further cemented when I realized that a great marriage can never be built until you come to a point where you truly and I MEAN truly love yourself. It is this love that makes me wake up and even despite the many mistakes I make and still say I love you Bongeka. You can never love God and your neighbor as yourself if you don’t really love who you are. I woke up with this thought this morning…”there can never be another Bongeka just like me…sure we may share the same name and surname, even birth day even nationality and other things”…but I am unique and there is no one else like me.

It is this love that gives me strength even when I feel like all my dreams are not coming into reality…it is this love that gives me the energy to begin writing even when I don’t have inspiration…I still believe in love…I still believe in God.