In a world where truth is no longer an absolute but relative, it remains extremely hard to find true leadership. The Leadership Vacuum keeps on growing exponentially!

In my view, there seems to be a difficulty for leaders to recognize and appreciate the sincere outcry of the people they lead. This outcry is perfectly captured in the petition prayer expression “…Lead Us, but not into Temptation…”

“…Lead Us, but not into Temptation…” is a prayer made by women in their dark houses begging abusive, careless & full of rage men and husbands.

“…Lead Us, but not into Temptation…” is a plea made by children beseeching abusive, inconsiderate & absent fathers and/or mothers expected to fulfill a role of guidance, supervision and parenthood.

“…Lead Us, but not into Temptation…” is an outcry made by professionals, workers crying against patriarchal, racist and exploitive businesses & corporates who in verbatim continue exploiting its employees with cruelty!

“…Lead Us, but not into Temptation…” is an uproar made by congregants pleading with self-serving churches, clergymen & leaders and then expect to take the podium under a grace disguise message, correcting everyone else.

“…Lead Us, but not into Temptation…” is a petition made by citizens begging a corrupt, unethical & crooked state that operates on nepotism and patronage.

While presented with all kinds of options to retaliate the victim is left with nothing but the leisure of time to take in all that is happening to him or her and then – Retaliate Deadly!

Ipso facto, then we dare to ask ourselves, how could the victim – the silent victim retaliate in such a despicable manner.

We are preoccupied, absent and inattentive to genuine cry expressed in many shapes and forms in our daily discourse. The cry is simple;

Yes! Lead Us (You Can), But Not into Temptation!

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About the Writer:

Tumi Ramonotsi is a Debate Show Anchor, Inspirational Speaker, Business Analyst, Social Commentator and Young Business Leader. His academic background is in Information and Communication Technology. Tumi studied and completed his tertiary qualification at the Vaal University of Technology majoring in Business Analysis.

Tumi is also involved in Mentoring Young Leaders, Philanthropic initiatives and advocating for Excellence in Leadership. In his spare time, he invests in extensive research and reading on the subjects/topics such as:
· Business Leadership
· Politics and Transformation
· Youth Development