No one ever tells you that the transitioning process from where you are to where you want to be can be so painful; so lonely sometimes and so confusing.

No one ever tells you that there are days when you question why you took a leap of faith in the first place, when you experience situations that cause you pain and opposition from those closest to your heart.

No one ever tells you just how really difficult the journey to your purpose is. Sometimes the questions you ask is…was this really worth me giving up my comfort? At least in my comfort I didn’t encounter such pain or I could deal with some of this pain.

No one ever tells you that there will be moments where you beg God to take you in your sleep because you felt like the transitioning pain was too much. To your surprise, you find yourself alive the next morning and you say to the Lord…I’m still here! Clearly you want me alive for a reason. Forgive me lord for my foolish request. Thank you for the gift of life. But Father I ask, how am I going to live through this and actually succeed?

No one ever tells you that the passion will be there but not the strength.

No one ever tells you that the opposition will be much; because it comes from those you love the most. How do you fully become yourself and conquer the world when you have failures and struggles in your own nesting place. How do you become Superman or Superwoman after defeating words been uttered to you?

But even if no one ever tells you…Just know God has already secured your amazing future, so despite everything that challenges you, know this one fundamental truth. The Lord has a great plan for your life and that plan will make you whole. So face your future with renewed hope because it’s going to be glorious.