Recently I was hanging with one of my girlfriends and of course the “man talk” came up… We were going on and on about the kind of men we would want in our lives when our singleness journey come to an end. We had some interesting similarities and differences. When I got home though I started asking myself honestly, why should the singleness journey end? There is such an expectation from society and it comes at different angles that when you single you not complete and that you just waiting for someone to sweep you of your feet if you are a woman or someone to fulfill your fantasies if you are a man.

I started thinking about how many people always seem to be eagerly awaiting their perfect “better half” as it’s commonly known. I’ve heard so many women expressing a list of things they need in this “better half”. You hear them say, “I need a man who’s successful, good looking, romantic, great sense of humour, God fearing, etc. the list is exhaustive. I’ve heard men say, “I need a woman who “can cook, be hot, respect me, God-fearing, do what I need her to do, love me etc.” the list is exhaustive here also.

I don’t think there is anything wrong with wanting these things from someone you want to do life with. But I do think we should really zoom into people feeling that until they meet people with these qualities, they feel a sense of not being complete.

When someone says I will only be completely happy with life until I find my “better half”, you already saying that you are not complete as a woman/man and that someone else possesses what you need to complete you.

What you bring to a relationship should not be your “half” but your completion.

Here’s the truth my friend- no human being can and will ever complete you. Only God can complete a person.

I really love this definition of what it means to be Single… Single means that you are alone but not lonely. SINGLENESS is the Most IMPORTANT Asset whether your are Married or Single” – Dr. Myles Munroe

My enjoy life tip is this: love being single and enjoy it. Love every moment and develop yourself to become a better woman/man. Your “singleness” journey will and should never end even when you do get hitched (married). Singleness is about you being a complete and whole person. You not just living life because you are anticipating a “spouse” but you living life because you realize that you have a greater God given purpose and by pursing that you will make this world a better place…