I finally read the book titled, “The Alchemist” written by Paulo Coelho. This was a beautiful fiction book written as an encouragement to pursue those things that set our souls on fire (aka our dreams). The story is about a young shepherd who trades in his shepherd vocation to travel to a distant land in pursuit of treasure.

I have to admit that when I got the book, I had no idea what an Alchemist was, and decided to google the term. There were a few definitions I came across but one that really stood out for me was this, “Someone who transforms things for the better.” [1]

At Pen The Vision, we often echo that purpose comes through movement. Our unique contribution to the purpose enterprise, is that, as you await clarity on your purpose, create your purpose. One of the tools that enable us to create our purpose is our ability think or be curious.

Curiosity is a superpower. The fact that you are here reading this purpose thought already is indicative of your curiosity. As society moves towards creating safe spaces for authentic and courageous conversations, I invite you to join us in creating intentional thinking spaces.

Our thinking is the carrier of the torch of purpose. In the words of Neil deGrasse Tyson “When you know how to think, it empowers you far beyond those who know only what to think.”

 So, this month’s purpose thought is, purpose is a close friend of thinkers. To live the life of your dreams you have to train yourself to think differently from predetermined templates of what life should look like and be courageous enough to create your own kind of template.

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Image from: https://www.amazon.in/Alchemist-Paulo-Coelho/dp/8172234988

Pen The Vision | Bongeka Mhlongo | 2020September


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