I am going through a very uncomfortable, but interesting phase in my life. I have been praying about something’s to a point, where sometimes I continually pose questions of whether the things I am praying for will ever come to pass.

I often find myself confronted with two interesting realities. One part of me strongly says “Bongeka, forget the past mistakes which translated into bad relationship choices; bad financial decisions; lost opportunities; etc. But another part of me also strongly says; never forget how you prayed and worked hard for certain things and today you have attained those things.

There are often battles that rage within all of us…have you ever wondered why it’s so difficult to forget the bad decisions of our past, but, we often seem to easily forget our past triumph’s; past successes and God’s faithfulness.

Life is a fascinating journey…we have to understand that forgetting our past mistakes, in order to take charge of our future is important, but also increasingly important is being able to recall situations in our past that seemed really difficult and we didn’t know how we were going to get out, but a breakthrough came. As I was feeling down, I remembered situations which I thought were very difficult and I thought I would never pull through, but you know what, I did, and all glory goes to God for that.

My enjoy life tip is this – commit to having a wall of remembrance, put this up in a space you see often. And every time you don’t see a way out of a difficult situation; just look at all the things you prayed for; hoped for; and worked hard for and find encouragement that even in the impossible situation you currently in, all things will eventually work out for your good.