Hello friends

Welcome to Pen The Vision 2.0!

It has taken us over a year to connect again with our Pen The Vision community. I would like to say, thank you to the people who kept asking us to bring back Pen The Vision. Your constant requests were a great source of encouragement and a beautiful revelation that the work we do, doesn’t go unnoticed.

This new Pen The Vision promises to deliver more than just a website. To those who may not be familiar with our journey, let me share some context. Pen The Vision started as a weekly blog in 2016, sharing thoughts on everyday wisdom, but now we have evolved into a content creation organization.

At the core of our message is that purpose comes through movement. At Pen The Vision our story is that purpose is a key ingredient in making the world better.

We will continue to share written blogs on the different faces of purpose on a monthly basis. We also have new things to offer, like video essays, our community dialogue events (“Bhoboka Sikhona”) and our products.

I invite you to explore this new platform and join us as we reach for the goal of making the world better!

Lots of love!

Bongeka Mhlongo
Founder & Content Creator