One Sunday afternoon I was cosy in bed and having a really great conversation over the phone with a friend of mine. I had my laptop on my lap and my external hard drive connected to my laptop. We were on the phone for almost an hour and my phone battery became very low. Since I didn’t want to end our great conversation, I reached for my charger in my bag next to my bed but as I was reaching for my charger, my laptop slipped to the floor and my external hard-drive flung and smashed my screen. Now me being Zulu I exclaimed “hawe ma” which is an exaggeration in my language and just simply means “oh my goodness”

My friend on the line asked what’s wrong. I told him and he simply said with great calmness, “you know it’s going to be alright right” I said yeah rolling my eyes and thought to myself “easy for you to say”. But actually he was right. When I prayed that night I thought to myself life is really interesting, the most unexpected things can just happen to you.

I began asking myself in the midst of my panic should I really lose my sleep over this? Now my panic was not me necessarily overreacting, but it was born out of the fact that this was my work laptop and this unfortunate accident happened over the weekend and we all know how people at work love to talk!

The next day I went to our IT department and they quickly offered a solution that calmed my nerves down. My laptop screen took about 10 days to get fixed due to internal processes that had to be followed. But thankfully during those 10 days I connected my laptop to an external monitor and I managed to do all that was required of me that week.

My enjoy life tip is ,life is so unpredictable. Your brand new car that you just purchased can get bumped by another car; your favourite item of clothing can get torn; you may make a bad decision in your business or job, the list of “blunders” is endless.

But truth is you never stay in the same situation forever! Eventually insurance will fix that car; you will buy new clothes and you will eventually come to the right decision. Don’t lose your joy over something that will change eventually…as some old wise men once said “…and this too shall pass”